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Organise your Club or College rowing with Rowplan

Updated: Apr 30

With a background in rowing and coaching in his spare time, Adam Donaldson at Demand Economics has transferred some system & process experience from business clients to create a simple RowPlan App for amateur rowing Clubs and Colleges.

Dispensing with messy spreadsheets or Google Sheets, athletes and coaches have their own unique logins where:

Coaches can:

  • Add and edit training sessions

  • Set capacity limits and see who has signed up at any point

  • Get skill levels for those who have signed up for water sessions (eg. How many sweep Stroke/Bow side have signed up), to help with planning

  • See what other coaches have organised and avoid any timing clashes

Athletes can:

  • Update their skill profile at any time

  • See which sessions have been set for their squad and who has signed up

  • See how close to capacity each session is

  • Sign up for sessions and cancel sign ups

The App is available as a weblink and has been designed to be mobile friendly so all functionality works well both on laptops and phones.

The main features of the RowPlan App are summarised in this video:

The App is really designed for College and amateur Clubs and is branded to each club and set up to reflect the squad names and session types for each club. Equipment booking and performance recording are currently in development.

The aim is make simple systems accessible to Rowing and other amateur clubs and as such the fees are just to cover administration and setup costs - Fees are £100 per club per year with unlimited athletes and coaches able to use the App within each Club.

Contact Adam Donaldson to find out more:

T: 07907 581094,




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