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About Demand Economics

Adam Donaldson founded Demand Economics in 2012 to help clients objectively understand how to optimise farm production to maximise net farm incomes. With a B.Sc. (Hons) in Agricultural Botany and an M.Sc. (Hons) in Agricultural Economics together with Lectureships at both University of London (Wye College) and the Royal Agricultural University, Adam has spent his career helping farms and businesses in other sectors both optimise production and also define then influence key drivers of demand to then go onto to invest optimally to grow ttheir business. Adam is a quantitative economist by training and has worked in Agriculture and a range of other sectors over the past 25 years. Adam also has expertise in database management and app creation and is helping support businesses within the farming sector  use their database information to provide more value add service to farms (eg. field recording systems, smartphone apps to place orders etc.)

Our Work Philosophy

We take a quantitative approach to help our clients. For Farm Business Optimisation we look at current and planned production plans; we then overlay resource constraints and yield / revenue data to enable us to model the optimal production plan that will maximise profit.


We have also developed a growing online farm reporting platform designed as a secure, easy to use tool to store all your crop, field and farm information that is easy to update and ready for assurance and inspections.

We take a highly consultative approach to our engagements, ensuring buy-in and actionability of the conclusions throughout the process. We work with a small number of highly experienced trusted associates where the workload dictates. We do not stop until we have found a solution and result that always satisfies our clients.

Demand Economics is passionate about making data reporting and planning accessible for everyday use by farms to help them Grow their business.

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