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About Demand Economics

Adam Donaldson founded Demand Economics in 2012 to help clients objectively understand how to drive up profit both by making internal processes more efficient and through improved demand side activities. With an M.Sc. (Hons) in Ag. Economics, Adam has spent his career helping businesses both optimise production and also define then influence key drivers of demand to then go onto to invest optimally to grow their business. Adam's Management Consulting career included stints at KPMG, Logica, PA Consulting, Nielsen and Publicis Media. Demand Economics principally serves small businesses who want access to solutions that improve profitability, but don't want to pay the levels required by Enterprise solution software and consultants.


Adam is a quantitative economist by training and has worked in business consulting across a range of sectors (including Farming, Defence, Retail, Engineering) over the past 30 years. Adam works with best in class solution companies and a small number of trusted associates on assignments where required.

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