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Sustainable Farming Incentives with the
Farm Economics App

Management of SFI agreements for your farm within your App on your phone and laptop is now available, starting with Moorlands SFI (MOR1):

  • SURVEY SAMPLE POINTS ON YOUR PHONE: Use the App on your phone to record survey sample points in situ. You can later view/update/edit on the laptop/desktop version.

  • WHAT3WORDS: Identify your sample point using What3Words and if required, link through to MAGIC or other mapping tools, on your phone via the App.

  • PUBLIC GOODS CALCULATIONS: These are automatically calculated and charted Create reports at the click of a button and/or provide login details to inspectors to support your claims.

  • REPORTING: All reports are automatically generated for you to submit.

Get a sense of the App on your Smartphone in the left hand video below, and of the synchronisation across your Smartphone App and your desktop/laptop version in the right hand video below:

Farm Economics App for your Smartphone:
Sustainable Farming Incentive

Farm Economics App for your Computer:
Sustainable Farming Incentive

Sustainable Farming Incentives

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Sustainable Farming Incentives

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