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Farm Economics App: A new way to manage your farm records

Farm Economics App - Consulting for Farms

Farm Economics App components:

  • Farm Assurance - collate and manage all your records online

  • Countryside Stewardship Agreements - full integrating to interactive maps and ability to keep all records, including photos, using the Smartphone App

  • Sustainable Farming Incentive - capture survey records and photos in situ using the Smartphone App

All components are:

  • Online, Secure and Live update ability

  • Fully customisable for your specific farm situation

  • Option to provide secure time-limited access to Inspectors

  • Smart and Simple Print / PDF / Email options

Farm Economics App - Consulting for Farms
Tractor at Work
Jeff Powell from Little Ash Farms in Oxfordshire stores all key farm records online on the Farm Economics system, saying "The system is really simple to use and easily allows me to record exactly what I need for the Red Tractor Inspections. It saves me a lot of time and effort by keeping all the records in one place and means that I can easily add entries at the time that I make the field application. The inspection visits are now much smoother!"

Jeff Powell, Oxon

Farm Economics App: Overview of Services

Red Tractor in Field

Red Tractor / Farm Assurance

  • Store all required information for Cross Compliance and Red Tractor

  • Simple data uploads with compliance calculations performed automatically

  • Provide access to data for inspection online

Farm Economics App - Consulting for Farms

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Farm Economics App - Consulting for Farms

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