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1st December 2021

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Cefetra Grain Market Report - inexorable rise

Well, this market just keeps giving!  Just when we think we’ve seen the top and the market starts easing back, some fresh news hits and the markets rise again.

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As I write this, we have again hit contract highs on the London LIFFE Futures markets, and all-time highs on the Paris soft wheat futures on the MATIF.  Prices for ex-farm feed wheat and barley are circa £230 and £222 respectively.  Massive numbers indeed, and next year’s crops have been dragged up with this to circa £200 for ex-farm feed wheat for Nov’22 and £180 for barley.  Malting barley looks like it will reach prices starting with a 3!!!  The latest news concerns the wet weather impacting the harvest in Australia (the wettest on record) and negatively affecting the quality which has pushed up Milling premiums.

The only cloud hanging over these super prices is the cost of fertiliser, which just keeps rising.  We believe circa 70-75% of farms requirements have been bought, and that the final 10% may well not be spread or purchased.

Autumn crops are fully drilled up and they all look well, with an excellent mild Autumn/early Winter. We have only just seen temperatures start to drop to seasonal norms this week.  The shooting season is well underway.


To balance all the positive news for prices, corn is undercutting wheat and barley in our export markets.  Barley has really priced itself out of rations albeit there are forward sales to cover. Covid lockdowns are back in Europe, which could dampen demand.


My philosophy is always to weigh up the downside risks and to regularly sell a bit.  At these levels - having bought your fertiliser - it would be crazy not to take a decent level of cover on New Crop. The upward progression will only happen if the markets are kept fed with negative news.  If these prices turned out to be the worst, well…………….  Missing out on a further £20 upside is one thing but finding the market has dropped £30 is quite another.


Wishing you all an enjoyable and happy Christmas. If you wish to discuss your grain marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Orion partner Sencrop to provide a weather network

Orion have parnterned with Sencrop to create an Orion Farming Group weather network. Farms who buy into the Sencrop weather stations and app will also be able to join the network of farm stations already within Orion Farming Group, to provide a larger footprint of weather beyond just those stations on your farm. For more information on Sencrop and the available discounts to Orion Farming Group, contact Kelly Stevens on 07723 580 941,

or click HERE

Feed & Livestock Section

Weekly Straights Update

A weekly update is sent out every Thursday to those members who have signed up for it and is available to any member who would like to receive it, giving the current market prices on core commodities as well as a brief market report. In addition, it has recently been updated and by simply clicking on any product, a new link opens giving a more detailed overview of the typical analysis, feed rates and how that particular product can be included in the ration.

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At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, hopefully by now you should have all your requirements in place for the Christmas and New Year period. However, please bear in mind that once the festive period is nothing but a distant memory, lead times for deliveries are unlikely to return to any kind of normality, so please make allowances for this when placing orders. In addition, many suppliers are stressing the importance of having cover in place up to mid-January.

Feed & Livestock on the Orion App

The Orion App has been available to Members for the past year. In addition to being able to review fuel prices, order fuel and search for suppliers for products and services, the App also has a number of Feed & Livestock features. All the straights prices that are available in the weekly update are also available in the App, together with an ability to order the more frequently used feed supplements, fats and minerals. It’s easy to navigate and your order will be in the office in a matter of minutes. More specialised products are currently not listed, so please continue to phone or email your orders in for these products.

For more details on any matter raised in the Feed & Livestock section, please contact Joe in the office:

Joe Cobb, Feed & Livestock Manager,  01865 393 139

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Members Section

Orion welcomes a new Member

We welcome S & L Redgrave Ltd as a new Member to Orion Farming Group. The farm is run by Stuart Redgrave and is based near Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

Orion welcomes a new Supplier

Orion welcomes QuickBlock to the Group. “QUICKBLOCK® is manufactured from recycled plastic that can be reused and reconfigured from one structure to another should your need change, allowing you to you increase the height, length or depth of your build at any time. No requirement for tradespeople, extra materials or engineering knowledge.”

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Orion fuel Xmas timings

There is variability in lead time by supplier, but to be sure of delivery before Xmas, Orion recommend you place your order by end of 10th December. Christmas hours for Orion and key fuel suppliers (including contact names and numbers) are set out below. In the week between Christmas and New Year please call suppliers direct if you are chasing an order or placing an order.

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Spring Seed 2022 via Orion

Please note that prices are now in from suppliers for Spring 2022 seed. Please contact John or Alison at the office to discuss your requirements - 01865 390011

Orion App

Free to Orion Farming Group Members and with a secure login for each Member you can:

  • Review fuel prices by supplier

  • Order fuel via the App

  • Review weekly straights prices

  • Order key Feed & Livestock products

  • Search across Orion’s 450 suppliers for those selling products and services that you want

  • Full contact details and a direct dial button to anyone in the Orion office

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