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1st June 2021

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10% DISCOUNT FOR ORION MEMBERS. Contact Adam Donaldson on 07823 681 001 to obtain the discount code.

Kinto® Plus, the new seed treatment for winter cereals from BASF

Kinto® Plus is a new generation seed treatment, available for use on all winter cereals this autumn, providing comprehensive and long-lasting efficacy against a broad spectrum of seed and soil borne diseases, and giving growth promoting effects to the crop. Kinto® Plus is a premium seed treatment which assures rapid germination and improved establishment, whether applied to hybrid, conventional, farm saved seed or seed crops. Its unique and complementary combination of active ingredients; 33.3 g/l triticonazole, 33.3 g/l, Xemium®, (fluxapyroxad) and 33.3 g/l fludioxonil ensure a very broad label.

Kinto® Plus has activity against the following diseases: seedling blight and foot rot, Common bunt, (seed and soil-borne) loose smut, covered smut, leaf stripe, snow rot (grey or speckled snow mould) and stripe smut, all from one application at the low dose rate of 1.5 l/tonne of seed. One of the striking advantages with Kinto® Plus is its outstanding performance on Loose smut in barley and its superior control of leaf stripe. As the label states, Kinto® Plus provides crops with more than just protection from disease; the active Xemium® also brings physiological benefits, giving better plant vitality and root growth, particularly during times of stress. This results in quicker establishment, better tiller retention and more vigorous plants, allowing growers to maximise the yield potential of the crop from the outset.

The prevailing weather conditions play a large part in determining the success or failure of establishment, as recent autumns have illustrated. Kinto® Plus treated seed mitigates extremes, reducing risk for the grower and conferring built in resilience to the seed which allows growth to continue even when conditions are far from ideal.

For growers who practice delayed drilling to deal with arable weeds or Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV), Kinto® Plus can play a pivotal role in getting these crops up and away in often challenging conditions, with the physiological benefits it offers.

Independent trials have shown that no matter what the winter cereal crop, variety or drilling date, Kinto® Plus performs consistently.

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Check out selected Supplier Promotions on our new 'Promotions' menu tab. Westbrook Agricultural Supplies have exclusive prices for Orion Members on Dairy Chemicals - posted on 21/04/21. Only available to view via the App.

Download the App and contact Adam Donaldson on 07823 681 001 with any questions.

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Feed & Livestock Section

Water softening Salt Tablets

If you purchase salt tablets by the tonne, contact the office first before you “nip” down to your local agricultural merchant. A member recently mentioned he was going to contact his local merchant to order a pallet, but then decided to place the order through the office instead, needless to say he saved himself £93! Shrewd move!! It goes without saying that savings are there to be had on an extensive range of other products, not just salt tablets.

KW Field Rep

Most of you will now be aware that Simon Pickard left KW last month to embark on a new venture, still within agriculture. KW have already filled the position left by Simon and that person is Fran Garfoot who can be contacted on 07907 978390 for all your requirements. When you do speak to her, please make her aware that you are an Orion member.

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A Timely Reminder

With the weather we’ve recently been experiencing not entirely conducive to silage and hay making, (roll on flamin’ June!), just remember when you do need to order forage and harvest products contact the office to find out which merchant is the most competitive. Your usual supplier may not necessarily be the most competitive. You might not save a king’s ransom, but in the words of one leading supermarket, “Every little helps!”


The new tender period started at the beginning of May and will run until the 30th September. The tender has once again been awarded to ForFarmers. Members have been informed and given details of how to order. Orders can be placed directly with ForFarmers or through the office.

For more details on any matter raised in the Feed & Livestock section, please contact Joe in the office:

Joe Cobb, Feed & Livestock Manager,  01865 393 139

Members Section

Orion Fuel Ordering - Message from John Norton

Many of you will be familiar with Jill Hickman who currently runs our Fuel ordering for Orion. Jill will be retiring on the 4th June 2021 and we both thank her for her contribution at Orion and wish her well in her retirement. Adam Donaldson, who currently works with Orion, will also take on responsibility for all aspects of Fuel for Members in addition to marketing duties, from 1st June 2021. Adam will be introducing some small changes that will aim to both make it easier for Members to order fuel, and also to ensure that Orion Members are getting the best possible deal on fuel from our suppliers.

The most notable change as of 1st June for Members is that the fuel order confirmation email will have the order number in the email ‘header’, and all the order detail will be in the ‘body’ of the email rather than in an attachment.

Adam will be available to take fuel orders on 07823 681 001 for new extended hours from 0800 hrs to 1700 hrs daily and also on the usual number 01865 393 134. Orders can also be placed as usual via the Orion app, text or the website.

New Supplier to Orion

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We welcome Rumen Supplies Ltd. to Orion. Rumen Supplies Ltd offer a wide range of livestock products including minerals, salts, lime, urea, chemicals, fats and rumen buffers. For friendly, efficient, and reliable service at competitive prices contact us on 01270 295025 or info@rumensupplies.com.  Find us at www.rumensupplies.com

New Member to Orion

We welcome Lizzie and Stuart Robertson to Orion Farming Group. Lizzie runs an equestrian business named Classical Progress near Henley. We welcome them both to Orion Farming Group.

Late Nitrogen to maximise cereal potential

Click on the image below to find out more from

Billericay Fertiliser Services

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Chemicals Section


CRAWLER (Carbetamide) will be revoked:

  • Last sales by Distribution: 30th November 2021

  • Storage and use up on farm by: 30th November 2022


Adama will only bring planned product to the market. If CRAWLER is needed for use, then please plan ahead and place orders with the office ASAP.​


As this product is on revocation, distribution will be unable to accept any returns

Request for Member to take part in Ferrex Video Promotion

John Poulton of CropCo Limited is wanting to film a farmer applying Ferrex slug lentils with a quad and pellet applicator. The aim is to create some short film clips that will assist in the product promotion for Ferrex this Autumn.

Would any Members be interested? Members do not need to be an existing Ferrex user. CropCo will of course be willing reimburse the Member for their time and efforts. 

Please contact John Poulton for more information: John Poulton, CROPCO Limited, T: 01787 238200, M: 07979 224942, E: johnpoulton@cropco.co.uk

For more details on any matter raised in the Chemicals section, please contact Shelley in the office:

Shelley Dancy, Chemicals Coordinator,  01865 393 135


Cefetra Grain Market Report


The grain markets have continued to be volatile.  We saw the markets move up to contract highs at the end of April on the back of weather concerns, and then we have seen them drop back. For new crop Wheat we are now at around £17.00 under the peak.

The move lower on the macros was driven by inflation fears, Covid infection rates and concerns over economy restarts. Whilst the UK continues to make good progress on its programme to lift the lockdown and with its vaccination programme, there are global concerns about the Indian variant, albeit it has just been announced that the Pfizer and AZ jabs work against it.

Other downward factors in the last week or so include a bearish USDA report with higher production numbers and increased end stocks for Corn which dragged down Wheat & Soyabeans.  Also, winter plantings in Western Australia are expected to be at a record with the biggest growth in Canola, an expected 36% increase year on year to 1.49M/Ha.  It has been said that given global prices even the ‘verges’ are being planted!

The recent rains have brought welcome relief to all the crops countrywide, but we are now looking for sunshine and warmth.

Alexander Inglis, a major Scottish merchant, went into administration on 11th May 2021.  This will have a significant impact on our sector in Scotland.  Unfortunately, it is likely that many farmers and other businesses will be owed money.  This highlights again the need for you to ensure you know the financial strength of the businesses you trade with.

As well as helping you with your grain marketing plans, we are able to offer a range of specialist crops that add to your rotation.  We are currently offering feed Rye contracts for Crop’22.  Rye is a good alternative to second wheats offering consistent yields with low nitrogen input, low disease risk and good straw. We are also able to supply seed and a full range of fertilisers.  Please do contact us and request a quote.

Great Tew Store Open Evening

Thurs 8th July 4pm to 8.30pm

Advance warning - Please put the following date in your diary – Great Tew Store Open Evening – Thursday 8th July from 4pm to 8.30pm – presentation and tour of the store, multiple stands including the new fertilizer POLY4, Premium Crops, Orion Marketing group, machinery dealers and seed suppliers.  There will be a hog roast and ice cream stalls together with local beers and hot drinks.

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If you wish to discus your grain marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Simon Wilcox

Manager - UK Farm Grain Origination

01963 363162 / 07774 822507

Email: wilcox@cefetra.co.uk

Marc Hinton

Farm Grain Buyer

07957 791358

Email: hinton@cefetra.co.uk

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Enduramaxx - click on the images below to read a paper on the Pros & Cons of Rainwater Harvesting


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