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Weekly Straights Update
2nd December 2021


Market Report, 02/12/21

Hipro Soya

  • Prices eased back after the Thanksgiving holiday last week.

  • Weather looking good in South America.

  • Declining US exports to China weighing on the market.

  • The new COVID variant also suppressed prices as the markets grew worried about new lockdowns (would reduce veg oil demand).

  • Slightly drier weather has boosted prices today and we expect to stay in a weather market for the next few months.



  • Slightly lower prices as COVID concerns affected the market.

  • The Australian crop is getting rains which is not good for yields in all likelihood.

  • Prices do remain high vs soya, but if supply stays tight there is less reason for it to come down.


Soya hulls

  • Supply for the winter remains tight and prices look competitive against sugarbeet for winter and summer.



  • Concerns over new lockdowns and travel restrictions means a reduction in biodiesel/ethanol demand, so maize distillers prices eased back.

  • Ethanol margins remain good for the moment.

  • Logistics remain an issue keeping spot prices higher.


Sugar beet

  • Freight is keeping the market very tight and availability is still limited..



  • A bit of a sell off in the last couple of days with global worries about COVID.

  • Wheat may start to lose it’s hold to maize on the markets soon.

  • Tight supplies remain on both wheat and barley.



Due to the ongoing acute lack of drivers impacting the haulage business, the lead time for the delivery of all commodities has increased dramatically. Please bear this in mind when placing orders.


And finally, totally irrelevant but quite interesting facts of the week…….

Until 1993 the location of the Post Office Tower was a national secret and Newton’s Cradle was invented by French physicist Edme Mariotte.


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