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Weekly Straights Update

25th February 2021

Market Report, 25/02/21

Hipro Soya

  • Harvest delays continue in Brazil, with big line ups of ships waiting to be loaded.

  • Some lower levels over the past week, with good crush margins in Argentina and decent plantings in the US projected.

  • Though freight rates remain high.

  • A stronger Sterling has also helped, as prices moved up in the last couple of days due to funds trying to pull the market upwards.


  • Prices moved up with the Canadian market, as they have high demand for meal and oil.

  • They are also trying to hold onto seed to help with their tight balance sheet.

  • Palm oil markets strengthened too, pulling rape oil with it.


Soya hulls

  • Prices at origin are lower, but offset by higher freight costs.



  • Both maize and wheat distillers remain uncompetitive against rapemeal for the summer.

  • Wheat distillers are still not available until August.


Sugar beet

  • Prices remain steady and unlikely to compete against hulls.


And finally, totally irrelevant but quite interesting facts of the week…….

It’s possible to turn peanut butter into a diamond, Alaska is the only US state whose name is on one row of a keyboard and a frigate bird can sleep while it flies.


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