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Weekly Fuel Update
25th January 2023

Delivery Lead Times Remain Good

  • Fuel Orders / Lead Times - Suppliers are looking at slightly extended lead times, generally up to 7 working days, depending on the supplier and the area for delivery. Please check for any requirements that you may have, especially in this cold snap of weather.

  • Prices: Suppliers are pricing orders at the time of order. The average order price (ppl) over the past 7 days (excl. VAT) are:

    • Derv: 133.36

    • Gas Oil: 91.89

    • Kerosene: 78.64

  • Calor LPG: Please note that the Group’s LPG price is reviewed on a regular basis by the supplier. 

  • AdBlue: Prices are still subject to change due to price volatility. Please call the Office for current prices.

  • Fuel Tanks: Please call the Office for information on current Tank suppliers to the Group.

  • Lubricants: Ford Fuels stock a wide range of lubricants, they can be contacted direct to discuss any technical information that you may require on certain products.

OFG Logo 2020.png

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