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March 2021

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At Orion, one of the longest standing not for profit farm buying groups in the country, we are making strides in providing Orion Members with the best prices and the most up to date information for them to make the most informed buying decisions possible. They get this from:

  • Price information at their fingertips - on a daily or weekly basis

  • Regular communication via weekly and monthly updates

  • Flexibility in how they can order - from phone through to the Orion App

It's working and it gives you, our Suppliers, ever better opportunities to engage with Orion Members:

  • We are adding new Members to Orion every month - our new member acquisition rate is around 40% faster than over the past couple of years

  • We are growing the audience reading Orion communications - our readership is now 300% greater than it was in 2019


We at Orion are delighted to have you as Suppliers, offering our Members the best possible value. In return and at no charge, we enable Members to see all the information that you provide about yourselves on our Supplier Catalogue, available at a summary level to anyone on our website ('Supplier Information' page), and available in much more detail to Members in the Orion App.

The Supplier Catalogue is increasingly important for Orion Members and to Orion Staff. With over 400 Suppliers, the Supplier Catalogue provides a way for Members to search for the key relevant suppliers for what they want.

As part of existing no charge relationship with Suppliers, we do not as a matter of course send on to Members the promotional material that is sent to Orion by you. Of course, a number of Suppliers take the opportunity to advertise in a growing number of formats, to raise awareness to our Orion Members and communicate promotions / offers.

So what is the new SUPPLIER PORTAL?

As Orion Suppliers, you now have the option to subscribe to the Orion Supplier Portal. In short, this portal will enable you to get much closer to Orion Members on a regular basis, and crucially, to ensure that they have access to all the promotional material and offers that you create. How will the portal achieve this?

  • SECURE ACCESS: Suppliers who sign up will get a Username and Password to access the Supplier Portal Webpage which sits on a secure cloud database (the global leader) and is fully encrypted

  • MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: Suppliers who sign up will also get access to a 'Supplier' version of the Orion App so they can see exactly how Orion Members will see their entry in the Supplier Catalogue

  • UPDATE & EXPAND DETAILS: Within the Portal - Suppliers can Edit, Update and Add information on their entry (including logos, contact details, direct website links etc.)

  • ADD IN PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL: Within the Portal, Suppliers can upload Promotional material (weblinks and/or documents), and update the documents at any point  during the year

  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Later in the year, suppliers who sign up will also have considerably enhanced access to their invoicing and account management processes with Orion Farming Group

There is no obligation for any Suppliers to sign up to the Orion Supplier Portal. For those who wish to access the Portal and its features, there is a £100 annual sign up fee, to fund continued improvement to the portal.


All the existing advertising options are available for all Suppliers. For those signing up to the Supplier Portal, additional discounted advertising options are available:

  • ADVERTISE PROMOTIONS: In addition to adding your promotional material onto the your entry in the Supplier Catalogue, you have an option to Advertise your Promotion in a specific area for Members to see the latest advertised offers.

  • GET TO THE TOP OF THE SEARCH: The search criteria for the Supplier Catalogue is alphabetic. You can elect to ensure that your entry is listed at the top of the search list.


The portal is up and running, and already has Suppliers signed up; it is very easy to access and use - feel free to take a look at the one minute video summary below to get an idea of how it works.

Do get in touch with Adam Donaldson on 07907 581 094 to discuss the Orion Supplier Portal.

OFG Logo 2020.png

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