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February mid-month Newsletter

17th February 2021

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Orion Webinar - Weather, Cybersecurity & Insurance

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Orion hosted our inaugural Webinar on 11th February covering how Data & Systems are becoming increasingly important for Farms.

Victoria Nicol, Business Development Manager at Sencrop, covered the opportunities provided by gathering Sencrop weather data across networked stations at the farm level, in terms of immediate weather dependent actions that farms can take.


John Scotford, Senior Systems Analyst at Farmplan, then updated attendees on the key risks associated with the increasing reliance of farms on data and background systems, and some of the key steps that we can all take to reduce the risks.


Ollie Burns, Sales and Marketing Manager at County Insurance, finished the session by giving some case studies of farms that have been caught out both by weather and cyber-security breaches, and went on to outline insurance options relating to data security for farms.

Some fantastic insights from three great presentations together with a number of useful Q&As. Do you want to see some or all of the Webinar in your own time? Simply register to receive the link and then sit back and enjoy!

Chemicals Update




  • Manganese 15% liquid - 1000L IBC


Please contact the office for further details.




This applies to all products containing Bromoxynil:


  • FINAL SALES:                   17TH March 2021.

  • FINAL USE ON FARM:     17TH September 2021.



There is a limited volume of MAYA available, first come, first served.  Please place orders with the office as soon as possible please.

Please contact Shelley Dancy, Chemical Coordinator, for more detail: 01865 393135 or shelley@ofg.org.uk

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