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Introduction to ORION

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Orion Members have identified 4 reasons why they joined the Group

1. Save Money
Across our 350 Members, the average net saving per Member in 2022 was £12,400.

This is more than ever for our Members and includes all the savings, net of Orion fees, resulting from the lower prices obtained by Orion Farming Group across 500 suppliers.

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2. Reduced Fees
Orion have reduced the fixed fee for Membership from to £40/month plus the 0.6% capped levy. 

Orion, as a not for profit farm buying group, put all our focus into reducing costs for Members. This reduced monthly fee is making it possible for smaller farms to make significant savings by joining Orion.

Calculate Savings

For farms considering whether to join Orion, in addition to the Savings calculator, we also offer to undertake a benchmark exercise so you can work out the exact savings for you; this involves Orion comparing some of your invoices against the price for the same product on the same date from Orion. Very often, Members find that they could have bought the same product from the same supplier but with much cheaper Orion prices.

3. Save Time
Orion's single invoice system saves farms on average almost 2 days per month of admin time according to our 2022 Member survey

All your purchases are collated and settled by Orion, so you just receive a single set of invoice and statement each month, saving you both time and bank transaction charges. Our survey of Members in 2022 highlighted that Members on average believe they save almost 2 days per month in reduced administration time as a result of the single Orion invoice.

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4. Information & Support
Along with friendly and knowledgeable staff, Orion is the first Buying Group in the UK to offer an Orion App, fully integrated to the Farm Economics App

Orion want Members to be able to access all key information (such as today's prices) and place orders as fast as possible, and to that end offer an Orion App so farms have the option to look up daily Orion prices of commodities and place orders on the go.

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The App also has direct one touch phone connection to the relevant staff member in the office. This combination of highly experienced staff able to discuss enquiries and orders on the phone, together with key information available on the App gives our Members the best possible information to make the right buying decisions.

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