Farm Online Recording System (FORM): A new way to manage your farm records

  • Online, Secure and Live update ability

  • Fully customisable for your specific farm situation

  • Option to provide secure time-limited access to Inspectors

  • Automatically review and process all your bills online

  • Smart and Simple Print / PDF / Email options

Jeff Powell from Little Ash Farms in Oxfordshire stores all key farm records online on the FORM system, saying "The system is really simple to use and easily allows me to record exactly what I need for the Red Tractor Inspections. It saves me a lot of time and effort by keeping all the records in one place and means that I can easily add entries at the time that I make the field application. The inspection visits are now much smoother!"

Adam Donaldson of Demand Economics says "In addition to the ease of use of the platform and the fact that it is online thus never out of date, it has been really important to develop the capability at a fee that is significantly better value for money for farms during what is undoubtedly going to be a bumpy few years ahead". Contact Adam on 07907 581094 to discuss in more detail, with absolutely no obligations.

Countryside Stewardship Scheme in FORM

  • Store all agreement details

  • Create the agreement locations and photo evidence realtime in Google Maps online. Maps from Defra Magic Maps or The Land App can all be imported into Google Maps in standard format

  • Access the CSS calendar with all the individual scheme required activities

  • Receive automatic calendar/email notification of CSS activities to be undertaken

  • Record actions undertaken and store evidence (eg. photos / bills etc.)

  • Completely customisable to your farm

  • Make records available to inspectors online for limited periods

  • Print and same in user friendly format

Cross-Compliance in FORM

  • Store all required information for Cross-Compliance and Red Tractor schemes

  • Upload all new information online - eg. Manure storage, field applications, grain store inspections etc

  • Maps from Defra Magic Maps or The Land App can all be imported into Google Maps in standard format

  • All compliance calculations completed automatically using RB209

  • View and add applications using Smartphone app

  • Storage and easy access online to all historical records

  • Provide access to all information to inspectors online

  • Print out / save all compliance information

Bill Management in FORM

  • All your bills automatically upload - suppliers email direct to FORM or you can scan to FORM

  • All key information is automatically extracted from bills so no need to transcribe information to your accounts package

  • Bill web link for you to view the bill onscreen and print off / save as pdf

  • Review and Action your bills - once approved they can automatically upload to your accounts package and/or automatically go to your accountants