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Countryside Stewardship with Farm Economics App


You can now access multiple agreements for your farm within your App on your phone and laptop, along with:

  • AGREEMENT: Access all the agreement details on your phone

  • TASKS: Complete required tasks (eg. photos) on your phone directly to the correct option and parcel

  • REPORTING: Create reports at the click of a button and/or provide login details to inspectors to support your claims

  • CALENDAR: You have access to a calendar with all key dates for management actions relating to the options in your agreement

  • MAPS: All your parcels and options are provided in Google Maps so that you can zoom in and look at specific parts of fields for each option and also see your own location on the map

Get a sense of the App on your Smartphone in the left hand video below, and of the synchronisation across your Smartphone App and your desktop/laptop version in the right hand video below:

Contact Adam Donaldson on 07907 581094, to find out more about Countryside Stewardship online record management.

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