Inspection time! Make it easy on yourself with online Cross-compliance farm records from Demand Economics

Typically as farms get towards FABL / Red Tractor Inspection date, there is a rush to try to gather all the paper records to cover all required areas, from planned and actual field applications, checking NMax compliance and all the new requirements such as evidence of Health and Safety Policies.

Demand Economics has built an online cross-compliance record keeping system at the request of farms so that all records can be input 'as you go along', all the Nmax relevant calculations are completed and updated with each field application, and secure access can be provided to the Inspectors prior to the visit so that the inspection takes up less of your time.


Geoff Venn who runs two farms in Hampshire says "We use the Cross Compliance online system from Demand Economics and find it incredibly easy to keep all our records up to date and keep informed, in real time, of key compliance status. In addition, we were able to provide access online to all our records to the Inspector who conducted a detailed review before the Inspection, thus making the Inspection itself much more useful and time efficient" . 

The system itself does not need software to be loaded, you just need internet access and, once Demand Economics loads all your field and livestock information, you simply login and update records as you go. You can log in and review at any time and useful features such as a traffic light warning system for field nitrogen applications is built in so that you know if you are getting close to or have gone over maximum nitrogen allowed to stay compliant.


Jeff Powell who runs his farm in Oxfordshire and has been using the system for 3 years says "I had my Red Tractor inspection this week (end July 2022) and had provided login access to the inspector before the visit. The inspector said that this was one of the most useful systems that he has ever come across - it just makes the whole process so much easier" .

Contact Adam Donaldson on 07907 581094, to find out more about Cross-Compliance and other services such as Countryside Stewardship online record management.