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Farm Business Diversification

Whether you are considering renting in more land, diversification of your arable cropping pattern, moving to a more organic system, setting up camping facilites etc., we can build you the business case to fully understand your investment required and projected return on investment so you have full confidence before you commit.

Market Demand Modelling

We are experts at Demand Planning modelling - defining with a high degree of accuracy the forecast demand for all aspects of agriculture - from farm machinery to retail food. If you are considering entering a market or want to 're-energise' your presence in a market, we determine the opportunity and steps to realise the potential.

Marketing Investment

We have decades of experience in quantitatively evaluation of the impact that different marketing and media investments have on demand. This then enables us to determine the optimum mix of marketing investment that will maximise demand for your products and services

Database Development

Save time and money by moving from spreadsheets to store and report on all aspects of your business using web based databases. We are specialists in helping farms and agri-business consultancies drive efficiency in the way in which data is used to manage the farm and to manage customers. Typically this involves migrating unwieldy spreadsheets to more efficient database structures, together with implementing secure cloud server options

Mobile and Web Apps

Experts in bringing value to data by creating specific web based and mobile apps for farms and agri-business companies. Many of the apps are developed using 'low code' applications to provide the option for updating and maintenance to sit with the client if requested

Website Optimisation

Optimising B2B websites and associated outbound marketing to maximise awareness and  engagement, regularly achieving double the benchmark conversion rates

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