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Cross Compliance with Farm Economics App

  • Store all required information for Cross-Compliance and Red Tractor schemes

  • Upload all new information online - eg. Manure storage, field applications, grain store inspections etc

  • Maps from Defra Magic Maps or The Land App can all be imported into Google Maps in standard format

  • All compliance calculations completed automatically using info from your agronomists & RB209

  • View and add applications using Smartphone app

  • Storage and easy access online to all historical records

  • Provide access to all information to inspectors online

  • Print out / save all compliance information

NMax Compliance real time

Understand as the year progresses, how each field application uses up available N allowance 

All required information

Keep all compliance information - in one place, real time update, and secure. Provide access to Inspectors as required

Enter field applications on your smartphone

Use the Farm Economics App to enter field fertiliser and pesticide applications directly via your smartphone

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